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2007 Conference

Thursday, October 25th

2 p.m.
Onward Registration, Assembly Area, Third Floor, Student Union Building (SUB)

5:00-7:00 p.m.
Reception, UNM Art Museum, UNM Center for the Arts

Friday, October 26th

9-10 a.m.
Isobel Grundy, University of Alberta: "Orlando, Women's Writing in the British Isles: Online Exploration of Women's Lives and Works," a discussion and demonstration surrounding the groundbreaking new online database of material on women, writing, and culture that comprises the first full scholarly history of women's writing in the British Isles.

Lobo A, SUB
10:30a.m.-12 noon

Session A-Indecent Delights: Morality and Selfhood in the Fiction of Behn, Haywood, and Defoe Acoma A, SUB

Moderator: Kirsten Saxton, Mills College

    • "All my Prayers are in Vain": Social Morality and Moral Responsibility in The History of the Nun. Gania Barlow, Mills College
    • Masquerading for Morality: Reconceptualizing Masquerade in Defoe's Roxana. Emily Hunger, Mills College.
    • Power to the Phantoms and Whores: An examination of empowerment in Eliza Haywood's Fantomina and Anti-Pamela. Clarissa Louie, Mills College

Session B-Masks, Madness, and Morality: Frances Burney's Cecilia Acoma B, SUB

Moderator: Laura Runge, University of South Florida

    • Masquerade and Madness: Identity and Socialization in Burney's Cecilia. Lina Michalewicz, University of South Florida
    • Let Every Man Keep Clear of the World: Morality in Frances Burney's Cecilia. Marie Hendry, University of South Florida
    • Immobilizing Moral Dilemmas in Cecilia: Burney's Innovations in Novel Tradition. Jamie Kinsley, University of South Florida

12:30-1:30 p.m.
Break for lunch and Executive Board Meeting, Lobo A, SUB


Session A-The voice behind the mask: Aphra Behn the Author Acoma A, SUB

Moderator: Aeron Hunt, University of New Mexico

    • Harlequin Science: Aphra Behn's Emperor of the Moon and Commedia Dell'Arte. Judy A. Hayden, University of Tampa
    • "Is he not strangely altered?" Re-figuring the father in Behn's Sir Patient Fancy. Elizabeth Savage, University of Illinois

Session B – Romances of Power: Vixens, Violations, and Vengeance in Early 18th-Century Fictions Acoma A, SUB

Moderator: Kirsten Saxton, Mills College

    • "Strange and Unaccountable Whimsies": Deconstructing Sexual Stereotypes in Eliza Haywood's Fantomina. Sarah Ostendorf, Mills College
    • "The Pleasure I take in reading what you write": Reading as Sexual Exploitation in Samuel Richardson's Pamela. Emma Bufton-Stafford, Mills College.
    • "[A]n Affair which promised her so much Satisfaction": Female Sexual Pleasure and Textual Authority in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze. Cassie Robuck, Mills College
    • Pamela's Specter: The Sally Godfrey Story in Richardson's Pamela. Songyen Lin, National Chi-Nan University, Taiwan

3:30–5:00 p.m.

Session A - Taking Chances with Aphra: A Performance of a Scene from The Lucky Chance, Lobo A, SUB

    • This panel will offer a presentation of a scene from a Behn play, followed by commentary and general conversation. Organizers and participants: Martha F. Bowden, Kennesaw State University, Aleksondra Hultquist, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Jennifer Golightly, University of Denver

Break for Dinner

7:00 p.m.

Performance by the Albuquerque Baroque Players, St. Thomas of Canterbury Church

Saturday, October 27th


Session A - National Identity and Colonialism in the Long Eighteenth Century Acoma A, SUB

Moderator: Pamela Cheek, University of New Mexico

    • Graphic Satire, Hudibrastics and "Missionary Influence": The Grand Master, or, The Adventures of Qui Hi? In Hindostan by Thomas Rowlandson and William Combe, 1816. Christina Smylitopoulos, McGill University
    • The "haughty Spaniard" and the "cruel Dutch": Ethnic Identity in Restoration England. Carmen Nocentelli, University of New Mexico
    • Peter Wilkins and the Origins of Colonial Romance. Riccardo Capoferro, Rutgers University

Session B - Rhetorical Flourishes and Authorial Self-Representations in the Long eighteenth century, Sandia, SUB Moderator: Gary Harrison, University of New Mexico

    • Embodiment and Accessibility in the Authorial Self-Representations of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle and Aphra Behn. Fiona Murphy. University of California, Berkeley
    • Sorry, But not Really: The Long Eighteenth Century and the Rhetorical Satirical Mask. Michael Rex, Cumberland University


Session A - Women and Political Power in the Long Eighteenth century, Lobo A, SUB

Moderator: Carolyn Woodward, University of New Mexico

    • Rewriting the Queen: Gilbert Burnet and the Historical Reputation of Mary II. Martine Watson Brownley, Emory University
    • Remodeling the Fragmented Estate: A Study of Home Space in Mary Leapor's Crumble Hall", Nicole Boucher-Spottke, Valencia Community College
    • A Touching Affair: Miltonic Allusions in Tristram Shandy, Miranda Graves, University of Alabama, Birmingham
    • Rejecting the "sanction of experience": Elizabeth Hamilton, Conservatism, and the Misreading of the Female Modern Philosopher. Mark Zunac, Marquette University

Session B - Bodies of Authority: Physical Transgression by Women in the Long Eighteenth Century, Acoma A, SUB Moderator: Judy Hayden, University of Tampa

    • Paying "Regard to the Appearances of it": Sincerity and Artifice in The History of Betsy Thoughtless, Birgit Schmidt-Rosemann, University of New Mexico
    • Irrational Women in the Age of Reason: Ann Lee and Joanna Southcott, Robin Runia, University of New Mexico

Session C – Hispano Voices: Revisions of Southwest Colonial History, Sandia, SUB

Moderator: TBA

    • The Capacity for Finer Feeling: Toward an Understanding of the Other in Jovita González's "Shades of the Tenth Muses." Cindy Murillo, University of New Mexico
    • TBD. Melina Vizcaino, University of New Mexico
    • TBD. Margie Montanez, University of New Mexico

12-1 p.m.

ABS Society Luncheon and Business Meeting, Lobo A, SUB

12 noon- 5 p.m.

Exhibit of Eighteenth-Century Materials, Center for Southwest Research


Session A - Bodies and Masks in Eliza Haywood's fiction, Acoma A, SUB

Moderator: Laura Runge, University of South Florida

    • Power and Identity: The image of the Body in Eliza Haywood's The British Recluse and Fantomina. Marisa Iglesias, University of South Florida
    • Order through Disorder: The Role of the Masquerade in Eliza Haywood's Fantomina. Susan Lee, University of South Florida
    • Masquerade and Morality in Eliza Haywood's Fantomina: or Love in a Maze. Maria DeBlaissie, University of Washington
    • Educating D'Elmont: Eliza Haywood's Love in Excess and the Critique of Male Sexuality. Jennifer Airey, Boston University

Session B - Re-Reading Oroonoko: Complicating and Correcting Convention, Sandia, SUB

Moderator: Carmen Nocentelli, University of New Mexico

    • "Diversions for every minute new and strange": An Exploration of the Indeterminate "Purgatorial" Bodies Existent in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko. Justin Kishbaugh, Duquesne University
    • "Little Religion but Admirable Morals": Christianity and Honor in Oroonoko. Anita Pacheco, The Open University, UK
    • Jane Stevenson's Aphra Behn. Martha F. Bowden, Kennesaw State University


Session A - Exploring Female Subjectivity in the eighteenth-century Novel, Acoma A, SUB

Moderator: Mary Power, University of New Mexico

    • Theatrical Subjectivity in The Fair Jilt and Roxana. Aleksondra Hultquist, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    • Noble Savage to Nobleman's Wife: Exploring Socialization and Subjectivity in The History of Ophelia. Susan C. McNeill-Bindon, University of Alberta
    • The Sentimental Traveler: Emotion, Movement, and Economy in Sarah Fielding's The Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last. Rebecca Hussey, Norwalk Community College, Connecticut

Session B - Gender Norms and Female Sexuality in the Plays of Aphra Behn, Sandia, SUB

Moderator: Marissa Greenberg, University of New Mexico

    • Madonna or Whore: Depictions of Female Sexuality in Aphra Behn's The Rover. Elizabeth Kirchmeyer, Villa Maria College
    • Hellena the Innocent and Angelica the Experienced: Challenging the Patriarchy in Aphra Behn's The Rover. Allison Pattison, University of Louisianna at Lafayette
    • The Comedy of Rape: Aphra Behn's The Rover. Claudia O'Keefe, University of New Mexcio
    • "Upon this little Globe is Character'd your Fate and Fortune": Inscription and exteriority in The Rover, parts one and two, Emily Bowles, Lawrence University

5:00- 6:30 p.m.

Poetry Reading, Lobo A, SUB

Moderator: Martha F. Bowden, Kennesaw State University

Come one and all and share, chant, sing, perform your favorite poems by or about Early Modern women!




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